Post Date Jun 4

Using Paypal to Mail Packages

If you have an paypal account, you can use that account to easily purchase an online shipping label for shipping any packages domestically.
Paypal has the option to use USPS or UPS. It is fairly easy and efficient to use but this service is hidden and hard to find.

Below is the link you can check out.

I have a paypal account and I have used it a couple time. It definitely beats personally mailing it at the post office.
Here is the screenshot of what the service looks like.
Paypal Ship

For more informational details on this service, please check out this link:

Post Date May 1

Perfect Sex Playlist?

Ever wonder what to play when getting lucky?

Below is a quick playlist for you to get started. Having a good playlist will make the sex memorable and hotter.

Just like with narrative work, there are elements in sex. Starting off with that foreplay and working your way to the climax and then the peak.

Post Date Feb 8

Just remember this as you question your life

Give Up

Post Date Feb 4

the mechanism of a handgun (M1911)


Work by Jacob O’Neal @

Check that link out. There is more elaborate pictures and gifs to show you every component of the firing process.

You can also purchase the poster at his website. It is Art I tell you.  His site is worth a visit.

Post Date Jan 4

To all the haters out there!


Haters always going’ hate! Don’t let their minuscule existence deter you.

Post Date Dec 26

Start 2014 right and make it a lasting start!

Time by Pink Floyd

“Tired of lying in the sunshine,
Staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long
And there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you,
No one told you when to run,
You missed the starting gun”
This excerpt is from the poem “Time” by Pink Floyd

Let this poem remind us that we must act upon our dreams and desires. Let 2014 be the year we act to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. Because the notion of delaying or doing it “tomorrow” may turn it to eternity. And one day you may realize “wow that was a long tomorrow”. Procrastination can kill dreams.  May your day be complete with each rotation of the Earth. Man up and RUN the day, don’t let the day run you.