Before buying a house! Is the neighborhood safe?

3 tips to power you with the right knowledge to house hunt.

Every neighborhood is different. So check if any offenders live nearby. Megan’s law requires law enforcement authorities to make information regarding sex offenders public knowledge. A Google of your city follow by Megan’s law will yield you the results.

Secondly, check if the home was previously a junkie’s laboratory. There is a database by the Justice Department that list all addresses where law enforcement has found secret drug laboratories or dump sites. I am pretty sure I do not need to remind you of the health risk of living in such houses where the chemicals are still present. Click this link here:  Justice Department Clandestine Lab database

Third, you want to check the crime rate of the neighborhood you are going to be checking out. A a bit of research will give you a peace of mind. Check out SpotCrime for a comprehensive source of crime info.


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