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Just remember this as you question your life

Give Up

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the mechanism of a handgun (M1911)


Work by Jacob O’Neal @

Check that link out. There is more elaborate pictures and gifs to show you every component of the firing process.

You can also purchase the poster at his website. It is Art I tell you.  His site is worth a visit.

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To all the haters out there!


Haters always going’ hate! Don’t let their minuscule existence deter you.

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One of Gandalf’s ultimate wisdom!

Gandolf's wisdom

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The importance of self confidence people fail to understand


by Christian Hopkins

Self confidence wins battles, wars, women, jobs. Self-confidence and bravery are nothing more than believing in yourself, a thing that can never be taught. If you think you can do something, don’t just try it, act like your an expert. Look people in the eye — they will look away. Be the man and you will win. If you don’t have it — PRETEND. Eventually it will be real. – Excerpt from a quora post I found a while ago.

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Wind in Norway

Norway wind

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college tuition for you

game of loans

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True Nature From Anonymity

give a man a mask and he will show you his true face

In a similar case, the ring of gyges tells of a mythical and magical artifact that gives the wear the power of invisibility. (mentioned by Plato in book 2 of Republic) It can be said from the story that the wearer will do injustice acts if not liable with accountability. It gives us the power free from judgement.

the ring of gyges

Imagine if you were able to do anything without the fear of retribution or punishment and with full anonymity, would your true self come to play?

Ring of Sauron

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Never forget that “Fortune Favors the Bold”


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Photogenic Dachshunds

photogenic dachshunds