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TypeRacer: Test your Typing Speed


Enter a typing race with online opponents, your friend, or practice yourself.

A fun way to test and increase your typing speed.

Check it out at

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Find the Meaning of lyrics


This site interpretation the meaning of lyrics. It gives annotations on each section.

Check it out. Search for a song that you may want to understand the fundamental  meaning and the underlying message of the lyrics.

The site is

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Why is Coding the Future for the Advancement of Society?

Coding is literally the turning stone for technological innovation. Without code, almost everything tech related will not function. Every aspect of modern day society relies on codes. Thus software engineers are a valued necessity in our modern technological centralized society.

Here is a quick video explaining the importance of coding by rock stars of the the tech industry:

You can check out: A online place to learn step by step coding lessons. They have JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and APIs Also an online platform to learn step by step. They also have many other topics. A online virtual learning platfrom where you can discover courses. Highly recommended. More information about coding in general with directions to other resources.

Through my initial testing, these services are all great sites with invaluable sources. You will definitely learn exponentially  faster than say school per say. I currently used udemy, as the courses are very well fine tune and developed but give codeacedemy a try as they teach you using simplistic ways.

Post Date Oct 14

Encrypted Chat Client – Cryptocat


Cryptocat is an encrypted instant messaging system that works in Chrome as an extension. Using Cryptocat guarantees your right to privacy. It encrypts your message as it travels as packets through the internet to the receiver. No one should be able to eavesdrop on you other than key-logging.  Check their site at

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GetHuman – Need to contact a company? Get customer service faster and easier.

How to get Human Customer Service Support?

Calling a company or a provider can be stressful and a hassle. First you may have to look for the number. Then you go though an automated answering system which can be very annoying. And finally you get directed to customer service line, which you may have to wait, making the matter worse.

So you may be asking what will do for me. Well, the short answer is to get customer service faster and easier for you. Who said calling customer service needs to be stressful.

You search your company on and they give you four options

1. Phone Number: The RIGHT number with instructions to reach customer service the fastest. They tell you the the average wait time.

2. Call-backs: Type your number and they will call you, eliminating the wait time. No more listening to waiting music that will drive you crazy. Keep you sanity intact using call-back.

3. Live Chat: No phone, no minutes, no problem. This service will find the live chat for you to join. Save your voice for the opera.

4. Email: The RIGHT email so you can sleep well at night knowing a human will read what you sent.

This video is a example of why we can appreciate

Let’s not become Joe Johnson in this video.

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Find Out What is Your Personality Like?

Take this free test at:

Be truly honest and answer the questions with thoughtful contemplation and you will be able to know what kind of personality you may have.

This test questions your psychological preferences in how you make decisions in the world.

To improve upon yourself, one must truly KNOW thyself first.

This test is called the Myers-Briggs type indicator test developed by two human behavior specialist using the works of Carl Gustav Jung.

Post Date Aug 10

Sunglasses Tints Guide

Tint Information

All tints can provide 100% UV protection with coating.

Amber/Brown/Gold– Greatest contrast for low light conditions.

Yellow/OrangeGreat depth perception and enhanced contrast. But allows too much light in for brightness protection. Archers use such tint to see the mark clearer for truly a precise aim. Computer and gaming users can benefit from yellow tint as well. Yellow filters out the intensive blue light to help prevent eye strain as well as having better contrast for viewing. Check out gaming and computer glasses on Amazon.

Rose/Pink – Considered very relaxing to the eyes. Bringing you comfort for long wear. As well as heightened contrast.

Green – Considered the most natural vision because color stays true, thus the least color distortion.

Black/Gray/Silver – A neutral tint that allows color to be perceived in their purest form. Just a bit darker.

Blue – makes contrast a bit better. But really just for the looks. c’mon you got to admit blue lens looks awesome.


Mirror – this reflective film provides reduced glare. Allows very trivial amount of light in. And of course, no eye contact thus good for shielding your eye from people (aka. the police that pulls you over)

Gradient – filters out more light coming from the top but makes them more visual because the tints is lighter towards the middle of the lens. Even more so at the bottom.

Polarized – They eliminate glare from reflected flat surfaces. Great for driving and for when near water. But it does limit light from led screens. Can react with tints in windshield. Prevents reflections from ice patches making it hazard to use for skiing.

Photochromic – lens that automatically adjust to light intensity.

Great designer sunglasses are Maui Jim and Ray-Ban because of quality both in lens and frame. Lets not forget the status it brings.

For cheaper price…search in ebay.

For regular unbranded sunglasses, use sunglasswarehouse


External resources for further research

Sunglasses: How to Choose

More about tints

Lens material


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A Private Cloud Storage That Protects Your Privacy (SpiderOak)

So what is SpiderOaks? Just like Dropbox, it is a cloud storage device. However, the main difference or the most important distinction between these two services is how the handle your data. Undoubtly both services are very secure with your data. But here is where they differ. According to Dropbox’s privacy terms: “we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so).” This states that they know about every file you store on their server.

Here is where SpiderOak beats Dropbox. According to their FAQ terms: “SpiderOak is, in fact, truly zero knowledge. On the servers, we only see sequentially numbered data blocks — not your foldernames, filenames, etc.” Thus stating that no one has any idea what your files are and they only know how much room your files take up.

I have just learned about their services recently and I have tried it out. Overall, it could use some improvement in the ui interface but functionality was great.

Check this video below for more visual demonstration on their zero knowledge policy.

SpiderOak gives you 2 GB for free and you can refer people for more space. Each referral is  an extra 1 GB for you.

(If you are referred you can also get a 1 GB extra as well…totaling to 3 GB after you sign up)

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content discovery using rockmelt


With rockmelt it shows you popular contents such as:

It is a social media content discovery service….Sort of like stumbleupon. It pulls popular content from around the internet and displays it in one place. Give it a try and you might be pleased what you find. In my opinion, it is getting better as the contents are numerous.  But overall, it is not a bad idea to give this a shot.

Post Date Jul 27

Draw a picture using color silk strokes is a site where you can use your mouse or a stylus (if you have a touch screen capability) to draw using color stokes. The special and unique thing about weavesilk is every stoke you perform it will make a symmetrical stoke for you. So in a sense you only need to draw one half of a picture. Where the symmetrical line is in the middle of the page. 

Here is a video on some silk art drawings below.

Go check them out here and start creating something cool. It does take practice as the style is unconventional. But it is pretty cool.