The perks and pros of getting a Longboard!


Let’s face the facts, owning a longboard can be awesome in some ways and a baggage in others. Here you can read my two cents on long-boarding so you can be confident to make a decision!

Longboards are a great way to cruise around and have fun. Longboards can also be very efficient for traveling purposes. So small it can be tucked away in the trunk of the car and used when needed.

A longboard consists of a deck, 2 trucks, 8 bearings, 4 wheels.

Styles include:

Pintail – easy to carve (turn) as the board is design not to have wheel bites (wheel contacting the board)

Drop through – are very low to the ground to stability. Perfect for going down hill at fast speeds without speed wobbles.

Cruiser – Simplistic and common board for riding.

Great longboard shopping places ( I personally believe these are the best best to shop for longboards and accessories. ( sells different brands of longboards, accessories and other stuff) ( great brand. Has different designs)  ( One of the best boards out there. Boards are great quality and design. ) ( unconventional longboards that functions the same as any other longboard but uses a  different mechanism. ) –> Great forum. A centralized hub for longboarders. Almost any questions can be answered or asked there. Chances are high that you will learn quite a bit there.

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