Should I marry a girl for her looks?

Interesting topic to really ponder upon. Everyone has there own though on this but if you think deeply you might start to realize looks aren’t everything.

There is an interesting answer on this by Lauritzen on Quora below. I would say his words are wise and truthful if you take a second to think about it.

Dating and Relationships: Should I marry a girl for her looks? Or let her marry me for my looks?

Eric Lauritzen
Eric Lauritzen, Grains of salt not included

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“Which looks? The looks she has now when she is dressed up and out at the club? Or the looks she’ll have in five years when the baby wakes you up at 3:00AM to be fed?

Or do you mean the looks she’ll have in twenty years after treatment for breast cancer and a mastectomy?

How about her looks in fifty years?

How about her looks right after the honeymoon when it sinks in with both of you that your marriage is based on nothing substantial? When you realize you never bothered to really get to know each other, to understand each other’s values?

The answer is no, you shouldn’t marry someone based on their looks. Looks don’t last, and while they’re still around are skin deep. They’re the first thing to go, or the first thing you begin taking for granted and lose appreciation for, especially when there is no non-physical beauty in the person.

A fashion model will look like an ugly wretched bitch if underneath the nice skin, toned physique, and makeup she is and acts like an ugly wretched bitch.

Good looks are like a coat of wax on a car. It’s always nice but not at all an indicator of quality under the hood.”

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