Sunglasses Tints Guide

Tint Information

All tints can provide 100% UV protection with coating.

Amber/Brown/Gold– Greatest contrast for low light conditions.

Yellow/OrangeGreat depth perception and enhanced contrast. But allows too much light in for brightness protection. Archers use such tint to see the mark clearer for truly a precise aim. Computer and gaming users can benefit from yellow tint as well. Yellow filters out the intensive blue light to help prevent eye strain as well as having better contrast for viewing. Check out gaming and computer glasses on Amazon.

Rose/Pink – Considered very relaxing to the eyes. Bringing you comfort for long wear. As well as heightened contrast.

Green – Considered the most natural vision because color stays true, thus the least color distortion.

Black/Gray/Silver – A neutral tint that allows color to be perceived in their purest form. Just a bit darker.

Blue – makes contrast a bit better. But really just for the looks. c’mon you got to admit blue lens looks awesome.


Mirror – this reflective film provides reduced glare. Allows very trivial amount of light in. And of course, no eye contact thus good for shielding your eye from people (aka. the police that pulls you over)

Gradient – filters out more light coming from the top but makes them more visual because the tints is lighter towards the middle of the lens. Even more so at the bottom.

Polarized – They eliminate glare from reflected flat surfaces. Great for driving and for when near water. But it does limit light from led screens. Can react with tints in windshield. Prevents reflections from ice patches making it hazard to use for skiing.

Photochromic – lens that automatically adjust to light intensity.

Great designer sunglasses are Maui Jim and Ray-Ban because of quality both in lens and frame. Lets not forget the status it brings.

For cheaper price…search in ebay.

For regular unbranded sunglasses, use sunglasswarehouse


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